Second Opinion

Trust our specialty expertise for second opinions about your care

As a specialty provider of endodontic care, Soft Touch Endodontics offers advanced services to treat badly damaged teeth. Our endodontist, Dr. Darlene Davis, is often the “last resort” to save teeth with treatments like precision root canal therapy. So, we help people avoid costly, time-consuming, and more involved tooth replacement. 

Due to such considerable specialty knowledge, dentists from Suwanee and greater southern Georgia turn to our team. They may need our expertise to resolve underlying severe damage, or cases with anatomical complexities that add to the challenges of treating their patients’ teeth. Patients seeking a second opinion also have peace of mind in our abilities and capabilities. We do not take our responsibility to our dental peers lightly, just as we are exacting in evaluating your mouth to provide honest and transparent treatment recommendations that you can trust. 

Why do people reach out to you for a second opinion?

The answer to this question is very specific and personal to you and your situation. We have personally encountered many scenarios whereby individuals are motivated to reach out to us for our opinions after visiting other dental practices. Increasingly, savvy consumers are doing more “shopping” and comparing across providers for all sorts of health care, not “just” for dental and endodontic services. We are encouraged by this because it generally makes the patient more engaged in the treatment process and in understanding the underlying problem and options at hand to repair said condition. 

What are some of the benefits of seeking another opinion?

Soft Touch Endodontics recognizes that there are many exceptional doctors in our region to choose from; however, all providers bring with them different experiences, knowledge, skillsets, and perspectives. Just because our opinion may differ from what other professionals may tell you is not a negative reflection on our accomplished peers. 

Again, the specifics that draw you to our office vary from person to person. Accordingly, the potential benefits and opportunities within this process can also differ considerably from individual to individual. For instance, we may support initial recommendations that root canal treatment is necessary to preserve your aching tooth. Or, we may differ and find that other, more conservative routes can be taken to restore your mouth back to health. In still other cases, we have discovered anatomical complexities that were missed in initial treatments. The treated tooth may not heal and continue to fail. With this additional knowledge, we can go back in and successfully treat the tooth once and for all. 

For those who may have been told that their teeth are not good candidates for root canal treatment, our specialist may find that surgical options (like root-end resection) preserve the tooth and avoid tooth loss and the need for replacement teeth. 

Not “sold” on your options for treatment so far? Call (770) 501-4645 to schedule an evaluation at our office in Suwanee, GA, the first and essential step in our specialist determining the best path forward for your tooth.