Microscopic Evaluation

How microscopes are revolutionizing endodontic diagnostics and surgery

You’ll notice throughout this website many references to cutting-edge technologies. These advanced tools may complement our specialist expertise in diagnosing and treating a range of conditions affecting the innermost tooth structure. These tools are more than a nice, shiny, impressive-looking object to have; they provide real, substantive value. Notably, we have invested in the highest quality surgical microscopes. Below, Soft Touch Endodontics has answered a few of your Frequently Asked Questions about microscopic evaluation in Suwanee, Georgia – and what this capability means for your treatment, safety, and health. 

How do endodontists use microscopes?

Microscopes are a huge benefit when evaluating and treating damaged teeth. Our specialist, Dr. Darlene Davis, can use microscopy to view even the most minute details inside patients’ teeth. These innermost structures are magnified considerably. So, we can use clear views of tissues and structures to examine the tooth accurately. The ability to better study the site increases the odds of making an accurate and informed diagnosis. Dr. Davis needs to accurately understand the problem or condition at hand to make recommendations for treatment that really works. Additionally, microscopy’s magnifying and illuminating power can be used for surgical procedures. In fact, we may even record procedures with unparalleled clarity and detail by incorporating the latest hi-def video features. 

What microscope technology do you use?

We trust Zeiss, a brand that is considered to be a leader in medical technologies. Our Zeiss surgical microscope is among the best of the best. These tools have revolutionized the field of endodontic microsurgery and have demonstrated better treatment outcomes when compared to treatments that do not use vision magnification or illumination. 

Among many other benefits and examples of Zeiss microscopy in action, we have been able to find hidden or accessory root canals. These canals may have been missed and would have led to root canal therapy failures. Additionally, we can apply findings from evaluations at the microscopic level to preserve tooth structure and tissues. Modern-day practitioners are all about only removing the diseased portions of teeth and irreparably damaged oral tissues, knowing that conservative treatment supports optimal aesthetics, function, and lasting patient satisfaction.

Plain and simple, Soft Touch Endodontics cannot treat what we cannot see. Our ability to painlessly and precisely treat depends on our capacity to see even the most minute details underneath the surface. Call (770) 501-4645 today to schedule your evaluation with Dr. Davis at our office in Suwanee, GA.